Ava Lamoureux

Ava is motivated to help innovative healthcare companies grow because of the impact that different healthcare solutions have had in her life. With professional experience across health insurance, corporate commercial strategy and government healthcare solutions, her background comes from many different sectors of healthcare which allows her to bring a unique perspective. Ava has extensive experience, including launching and managing a key retail partnership involving multiple nationwide healthcare companies. Prior to joining Asymmetry Group Ava worked as a member of the Clinical Transformations team at CVS Health and a Consultant specializing in Government strategy projects with the Veterans Health Administration. Ava holds a B.S. in Public Health and a B.A. in Advertising from Southern Methodist University and was awarded the Amy Burnham Onken (ABO) Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Campus, and Community Leadership. Outside of work, you can usually find Ava at Pilates, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or going to the beach in all seasons.