Case Study

Voice of Commercial

The Who

Public biotech company with lead product in phase 2 development recently completed their product strategy, but did not have an internal commercial team to implement

The Ask

To define and implement clear execution priorities including a market development plan designed to support the near-and longer-term strategic priorities, and generating additional commercial to inform pivotal trial design and financial projections

The Approach

  1. Developing detailed and sequenced activity maps laying out a defined cadence of tactical activities to support the commercial plan, linked to key product research readouts and other development gates
  2. Generating additional market insights through quantitative and qualitative research with patients & HCPs
  3. Utilizing unique insights to drive strategy and inform near-term execution
  4. Driving critical external relationships through market research vendors, advocacy groups and investors, to begin developing the market and priming key opinion leaders to understand the future of the market

The Result

Completed multiple primary market research studies with patients and healthcare professionals to drive key stakeholder insights that enabled the that evolution of the commercial strategy

Refined commercial financial model with new CFO to account for ongoing investor conversations and external company valuation modeling, to drive investment for the company’s corporate goals

Conducted comprehensive stakeholder mapping and engagement plans, including patient advocacy groups, medical societies, and trade unions, to form key company opinion leaders