Launch Planning like a Pro:
How to Seamlessly Plan your Next Launch

Excellent launches don't happen by accident

Join us March 21 – 22, 2024 at the Omni Hotel at Seaport to immerse yourself in an in-depth session with our launch experts on how to plan for a successful launch, from team initiation through product approval. You will leave with the frameworks and tools you need to hit the ground running.

Event will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2024 from 9-5pm EST with a cocktail reception to follow and on Friday, March 22, 2024 from 9-2pm EST.

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What should I expect?

Dynamic discussions on the stages of launch planning


A hands-on approach through market-level launch planning, from initiation of your launch team to executing a PDUFA “Day 1” plan to driving success through the critical post-PDUFA launch window

Interactive sessions in small and large groups


The two-day session will be a mix of plenary and breakout sessions, with time to discuss previous experiences and application of frameworks and tools to your upcoming launch

Applicable best practices and critical watchouts


Rather than only talking in generalities, our Asymmetry experts will share best practices and critical watchouts for each stage of launch. The workshop modules will encourage our attendees to collaborate with each other to discuss what lessons they will be taking into their next launch

You should attend if you are…

Leading a brand team

Responsible for a key launch function

Managing the coordination and execution of a launch

Looking to improve your already developed launch planning skills to drive success in your upcoming launch

What will we cover?

Introduction: Characterizing your Launch

Assessing the contextual factors (global vs. market, timelines, commercialization types) that impact your launch

1: Developing the Launch Strategy

Assessing the contextual factors (global vs. market, timelines, commercialization types) that impact your launch

2: Initiating the Launch Team and Alignment on Governance

Resourcing for success, mapping governance and creating forums to drive impactful decision making

3: Cultivating a Strong Launch Team Culture

Creating a productive, collaborative and effective launch teams through an environment of trust

4: Creating the Integrated Launch Plan

Creating a productive process to ensure the launch team develops actionable plans, including how to identify and manage often-overlooked interdependencies

5: Managing the Launch Plan

Managing day-to-day operations of the team

6: Managing Cross-Functional Initiatives

Setting up and facilitating cross-functional workstreams that require workstreams that require strategic coordination

7: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Cultivating key relationships, navigating challenging stakeholders, and fostering trust with individuals and teams

8: Planning the Contingencies

Ensuring thoughtful advanced planning for the most critical scenarios that could play out, including how to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks

9: Planning for Decision

Planning for launch and proactively ensuring people, processes, and systems are ready to go

10: We Got Approval – Now What?

Executing at launch, driving cohesively through the launch window, and being prepared for what happens after the first three months

Time to Reflect on Your Launch

Pull-through into your upcoming launch, including interactive discussions on what could be specifically needed